A proposal has been written to government, which we believe would assist the Canadian economy, both domestically and internationally. It is a symbol for the Canadian dollar to give it a unique international identity and one that would especially differentiate the Canadian dollar from the U.S. currency.

It is most unusual to Canadians that Canada, one of the most developed and progressive countries of the world - has no united symbol of national currency until now! Even the newborn monetary unit, the 'Euro', has its unique symbol €.

The use of a unique Canadian currency symbol would spare hundreds of millions of dollars to the Canadian economy by:

(1) permitting the unification of computer marking of Canadian monetary units;
(2) save millions of dollars in government and businesses who have financial relations with U.S. partners in a way to eliminate financial transactions in a wrong currency;
(3) shortening time and materials used for writing the currency description;
(4) adding to the political prestige and financial image of an independent Canada.

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  Facts from history of the dollar symbol and its predecessors
  How to use a symbol properly and some stories from history
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